Whole Staff Training

Margaret's most requested training day is “A Whole School Approach to Encouraging Self-Discipline.” This is a whole school INSET day which includes sessions on:

  • Understanding the Behaviour of Ourselves and Others
  • Developing a School Wide System of Vision and Values
  • Employing Systems for Ensuring our Pupils Have Good Self-Discipline
  • Sanction Systems
  • Circle Time
  • Revitalising Assemblies
  • Cross-Curricular Approach to PSHE
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Dealing with Difficult Parents

Margaret can tailor any or all of this training to meet the specific needs of your staff.

Staff Meetings

She also offers Staff Meeting INSET with the same content as above but over 2 x 2 hour staff meetings.

Parent Evenings

Margaret runs popular Parent Meetings. Designed to inform and entertain, these give parents simple, but workable, home-based ways to support the school in its efforts to encourage self discipline in their children.

Conference Speaking

Margaret is well known as an entertaining conference speaker and is available to speak at all educational Conferences. She has previously spoken at IAPS Annual Conferences, (both Prep and Pre-Prep), NAHT, ISA, SHMIS, GSA and Service Schools Annual Conferences. Margaret has also spoken at many IAPS District Heads meetings.

She has spoken on a wide range of topics including;

  • School Aims and Values
  • A Whole School Approach to Self Discipline
  • Cross-Curricular Approaches to PSHE
  • Behaviour Management Systems
  • Parenting
  • Dealing With Difficult People (including parents!)
  • Circle Time


Costs vary but a whole school INSET day starts from £850, staff meetings are from £650 for two and Parents Evenings from £400.

Conference speaking starts from £350.

If travel and accomodation are needed, they will be charged at cost.


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